Crowcon Product Advisories

Crowcon continually interacts with both its users and its suppliers in order to improve its products and services. During this interaction useful information and advice may become apparent and as a result Crowcon occasionally issues Product Advisories that can relate either to specific products or to particular applications.

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Flamgard Plus, TXgard Plus (A134) - Mar 2018
A small number of detectors have failed commissioning tests due to the Alarm 2 relay not activating. The issue has been traced to a faulty component on the circuit board.
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Detective Net (A133) - Oct 2017
An issue has been identified with the Detective NET wireless module where the signal power is reduced and which might affect the wireless communication between Detective+ instruments deployed in a wireless network configuration.
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T4 10-way charger (A132) - Jul 2017
We have recently identified an issue with the T4 10 way charger. It's important that T4s are always charged with the dedicated T4 Crowcon power supply. Use of a non-recommended charging power supply can damage the charging circuit on your T4, as well as pose the risk of overheating.
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Potential Manufacturing Issue (A131) - Dec 2016
We have discovered a manufacturing defect on a very small number of IRmax/ IREX gas detectors manufactured around March 2016. As a precaution we are asking all customers with product manufactured around this time to check their units.
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Xgard IQ Potential 'Sensor Missing' Fault (A130) - Oct 2016
Following investigation of a customer report of an XgardIQ displaying a ‘Sensor missing’ warning intermittently (when operated at a very low temperature), an improvement has been made to the internal sensor communications circuit.
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T4 Flammable Sensor (A129) - Jul 2016
It has been brought to our attention that in a number of cases, the sensitivity of the flammable gas sensor used in T4 exceeds the manufacturer’s sensor drift specification.
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Gasmonitor, Vortex, Gasmaster Gas detection control systems manufactured before September 2008 (A128) - May 2016
These systems may indicate a Fault rather than an Alarm when the detector input signal rises rapidly above the range of the sensor. In this situation the alarm LED’s and relays may not be activated. All systems will clearly indicate a Fault and Vortex and Gasmaster systems will also indicate that the sensor is over-range (i.e. exposed to a gas concentration higher than the sensor can detect).
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Gas-Pro incomplete power down (A127) - Oct 2015
In a very small number of cases, Gas-Pro instruments have failed to shutdown correctly after use. A free of charge software upgrade on all units manufactured before 31st July 2015 will resolve any potential occurrences of the fault condition
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Crowcon Clip Single Gas Oxygen Monitor (A125) - Mar 2013
Due to recent product failures, an upgraded revision of software is available for this instrument which enhances the integrity of the product.
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IRmax voltage quality notice (A124) - Aug 2012
Due to a component error, a small number of IRmax detectors manufactured between May 11th and August 1st 2012 are suitable for operation with a maximum supply voltage of 25.5Vdc (IRmax should normally operate up to 30Vdc).
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Gasman Rechargeable Battery (A123) - Jan 2012
We have recently identified an issue with the battery used in Gasman rechargeable instruments. The battery includes extra electronic protection circuitry that is not required in our certified design.
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